Chief Executive Officer, Sail To Prevail, “the National Disabled Sailing Program,” since 1998, teaching more than 10,000 disabled children to sail in the past 14 years, personally raising more than $10-million dollars for this effort, 1998-present

First ever disabled Skipper (quadriplegic) of an America’s Cup 12-Metre Boat, “Easterner,” racing against Ted Turner, Russell Coutts and Dennis Conner, 2009-2010. As a disabled person, Paul conceived and executed the idea of adapting a vintage 12-Metre boat, “Easterner,” for the benefit of disabled people. He assembled a team that combined both able-bodied and disabled people, and served in various roles as Skipper, Helmsman and overall General Manager. “Easterner” was used both as a program boat for hundreds of disabled children that was used for instructional, recreational and competitive use. Under Paul’s leadership, this combined team of able-bodied and disabled sailors was very competitive, even winning a race in the 2009 12-Metre World Championship.

- Skipper of the winning Sonar Team in the USA Paralympic Trials, 2012
- Appointed Assistant Technical Delegate (second in charge) by International Federation of Disabled Sailors (IFDS) to the International Disabled World Championship, 2012
- First disabled Skipper to finish 1st in an able-bodied Regatta in the USA, Sailing World/NOOD Regatta, St. Petersburg, FL
- First disabled team in the USA (Skipper) with a perfect score in a disabled racing regatta, Newport, RI, 2011
- Paralympian, Skipper of USA Paralympic Sonar Team in Sydney, Australia, 2000
- Member, U.S. Sailing Team Alphagraphics, 1998 – present
- Ranked #1 U.S. Sailing Sonar team (Skipper), 2011
- Trustee, New York Yacht Club, 2009 – present
- Membership Committee, New York Yacht Club, 2007-present
- Sailing Committee, New York Yacht Club, 2006-present
- U.S. Sailing Executive Board, 2001-2003
- U.S. Sailing, Vice President, 2001-2003
- U.S. Sailing Olympic Committee, 2002-2006
- U.S. Sailing Administrative Chair, 2008-2009
- U.S. Sailing Council of Sailors With Disabilities, Chair, 2010-2011
- Exemplary ambassador for the sport, speaking at many educational institutions regarding the virtues of sailing with his theme that sailing is not just about winning, but about playing the game fairly and with integrity – and then relating those lessons to how they apply to all of us in life.